About Al Zaytouna

Evening Standard

“On the dance stage, Palestinian ensemble Al Zaytouna danced the dabke, a joyous folk rhythm that has become a symbol of resistance… When one of Al Zaytouna leapt up and twirled with them (Capoeira Group), it summed up what the day was all about.”

Unto the Breach

Middle East LDN

“…Al Zaytouna are brilliant dancers. Whether bringing out a traditional dabke for a wedding celebration or twisting and spinning in choreographed battlefield scenes, the dancers achieve something both visually stunning and emotionally powerful.”

One Stop Arts

“…Al Zaytouna’s Unto the Breach addresses the Palestinian cause in a striking and original way. Also promoting the traditional Dabke style of dance, this is a show which gives depth to familiar images…the Dabke vocabulary extended by modern dance movements acquires a forceful expressive plasticity.”

Refugee Week – V&A

Anne Leach – Dance Around the World

Al Zaytouna made a fantastic and very impressive contribution to the event. We were completely delighted with all the performances in the afternoon and we received many positive comments on them. Al Zaytouna’s performance was extremely well received by the audience”

Between the Fleeting Words


“The dancing itself is very evocative and performed with infectious enthusiasm… I’d defy anyone not to feel the passion that fills the stage, or to enjoy the feast of music, dance and costume on display.”

Ila Haifa (Return to Haifa)

Extra Extra

“The dancers are magnificent in their enthusiasm, and the contrast of joy and devastation which the different dance pieces convey is very moving…this is an exhilarating and moving performance to watch, and it certainly does bring home the Palestinian struggle – to retain their cultural heritage as a way of keeping hope alive.”

El Tayeb

“If impact is its aim, Al Zaytouna is certainly fulfilling its brief.”

News Line

“It is an exuberant and defiant celebration of Palestinian identity and resistance to the Israeli occupation.”

Daily Times

“The purpose of the performance was to exhibit the cyclical life of Palestinians in exile and how they long to return to their homeland. It epitomised the agony and struggle of the Palestinian people.”

Islam Online

“The performance Ila Haifa makes a statement on such a sensitive occasion that the Palestinians have been able to preserve their dance, songs, and culture despite the occupation.”

Yemen Times

“The story of Ila Haifa and its inventive use of dabke counter the notion that the occupation has stripped away the Palestinian people’s identity.”

Palestine Dances Dabke(joint event with El-Funoun)

Dance Europe Review

“There was no questioning the commitment and passion of the dancers, dedicated to bringing the plight of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories to a wider audience.”


Palestine Unlocked – Oxford

Dates : 6th Jun 2015 at 10.00am | Place : Oxford, Bonn Square

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