Palestine Dances Dabke

Palestine Dances Dabke debuted in London, Bloomsbury Theatre on 25 May 2007.

The show is a tribute to Palestinian children and performed by both El-Funoun Dance Troupe and Al Zaytouna.

The first half of the show is a dance adaptation of the story of Mohammed Al Durra, the 10 year old who was killed on his way to school while his dad was protecting him by hiding him behind his back.

Palestinian’s leading dance troupe, El-Funoun, then performed sketches of life under occupation and the challenges children have to go through in their daily life.

The show culminated with a grand finale dance between the two troupes showcasing the experience of Palestinians living in the West Bank and those living in the West. The 550 seat auditorium was then transformed to a festival hall with audience participating and singing along some of the best knows Palestinian tunes.

The show ended a week of workshops with El-Funoun and Al Zaytouna with various school children in London including Haverstock school in Camden.